Friday, November 28, 2014

Early in the morning

After you get up every morning, drink a cup of plain boiled water first and then a cup of honeyed water, then a yogurt (around 200 milliliter) and a slice of whole wheat bread or a bowl of oatmeal. Buy yogurt with low sugar and low fat contents as far as possible.

At noon

If you feel that you are very hungry, drink a bowl of soup, eat some rice or biscuits. Then drink a cup of yogurt (around 200 milliliter) and 100 grams of chicken, pork or fish. These things can supplement iron. You can also have a bowl of salad. Drink two cups of oolong tea to help with digestion.

4 p.m.

Have another cup of yogurt if you are hungry

Before the meal, drink a glass of water or soup first, then eat a plate of greens, a cup of yogurt\and some fruits.

Drinking yogurt has great detoxification effect

True story from Jerry:

I like to do sports after supper and whenever I finish sports I take about 200 milliliters of yogurt, coupled with an apple and a Bee Pollen Diet Pill to lose weight. In only three days I have lost three pounds.

Tips: Although yogurt diet is low in calories it should not be practiced for a long time

Around 800 milliliters of yoghurt, 50 grams of staple food, 100 grams of meat/fish, 400 grams of vegetables and 100 grams of fruits make up a very low-calorie diet for a day. This is actually in some degree a half-fasting. You may feel very hungry during this period but you cannot stick to it for a long time as there may be potential malnutrition.
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Do you want to lose weight healthily?

 Follow the rules below and you can be slimmer than ever!

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