Thursday, February 26, 2015

Recent sleep studies have made if clear as day that sleep problems are weight gain problems. Here are some thing to sleep on that may make it easier to maintain your weight, even if it's just a little.
Getting more sleep at night helps you keep your weight down

Getting more sleep helps you eat responsibly, which is everything when you are trying to keep your weight down.

Sleeping more keeps you safe from junk food

The new theory on sleep and maintaining your weight is that not sleeping enough at night makes you less able to resist junk food, having little to do with the calories that you burn staying up late.
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  2. It's true - a healthy sleeping habit is crucial for weight loss. I learned a lot since I followed the 3 Day Military diet, where I lost a lot of weight. Portion control, calorie counting, drinking tons of water, avoiding sugar and so on are great lessons I learned. That's why I completely overhauled my lifestyle and is now eating right, exericising and getting enough sleep

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